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Recover Coin: Addiction Recovery App

Recover Coin embeds evidence based contingency management methods for addiction recovery into a user friendly app.

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Drug addiction is one of the greatest health crises facing the US and the world today.  We are developing a new way to combat addiction by rewarding healthy recovery.

A person recovering from an addiction needs constant and reliable social support as well as positive reinforcement of healthy post-rehabilitation behaviors.  The most effective non-medical methods known to science for increasing the success of addiction recovery during and after treatment, namely, contingency management token economies, are scarcely available outside of institutional settings despite their low cost and high effect size. 

Rehabilitation programs need a way to monitor the success and quantify the behaviors of their patients after patients have completed their programs in order to refine their treatment methods and demonstrate their effectiveness and increase their likelihood of receiving insurance funding for future patients. 

The lack of quantitative methods for assessing the effectiveness of rehab programs creates a challenge for insurance companies to determine which programs will best support their clients needs and they end up either equally funding effective and ineffective programs or simply underfunding addiction treatment altogether, resulting in a lack of availability of care as well as a systemic reduction of quality of care across the US. 

iRecover Education is working to implement the findings and principles of behaviorism, social neurodevelopment and behavioral economics in a blockchain-based application to support individuals recovering from addiction. 

Recover Coin implements a peer-to-peer token economy to improve post-treatment recovery outcomes for individuals battling addiction and to generate data on post-rehab recovery success metrics for rehab centers and insurance companies, while ensuring the highest available level of cybersecurity for all parties.

In addition to providing reward based reinforcement of positive addiction recovery behaviors, Recover Coin’s machine learning algorithms can detect lapses in addiction recover behavior and send alerts to pre-approved friends and family members who can send additional encouragement through the app or otherwise. Moreover, if the app detects a total cessation of addiction recovery behaviors for a period of time, it can send an alert to the users emergency contact to let them know that it might be a critical time to reach out and try to prevent relapse.

In aggregate, Recover Coin will produce a large amount of anonymized data that is incredibly valuable for assessing the long term effectiveness of addiction recovery programs, driving forward quality treatment across the industry.