The Opportunity

  • $50 billion addiction industry growing rapidly
  • Large Market Opportunity – 28 mm Middle/ High School Students and 22 mm College/ Graduate Students in the US Alone
  • 98,000 public and 34,000 private elementary/ high schools in the US

Our Solution

We offer online substance abuse education and support for middle, high school and college students. We tailor our online, video and mobile centric approach to be relevant and accessible to our teen and millennial audience.

Phase 1: Online Education

Initial online substance abuse curriculum, developed using the best scientific information in concert with HealthCorps, includes modules on: amphetamines and other ADHD drugs, alcohol, marijuana, opiates, “party drugs” like MDMA (ecstasy).

Some course material will be sourced directly from experts and research organizations while other material will be edgy, informational and entertaining at the same time.

Additional video modules will feature 5 three to six minute videos with attractive young people discussing topics including: “what it is”, “why it is used”, effects, “what if”, additional information/ how to get help/ role playing.


Phase 2: Diagnostics, Online/Mobile Counseling and Support

Our Recover Coin ecosystem will record and reward positive addiction recover behaviors.

Our online Resource Match feature advances upon the diagnostic function by providing a customized set of treatment services that match the needs of the user.

Live Chat / Peer to Peer feature provides a quick and simple way in which one can talk with others who are going through similar issues with addiction

Sponsors and Emergency Helpline are also made available to participants. Knowledgeable and involved advisors can be supportive to recovery. The emergency helpline puts participants into direct contact with trained volunteers and professional counselors.