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Addiction Recovery Stories

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Addiction Recovery Stories

Andrew’s True Story of Addiction

Andrew was raised in a stable home; his external circumstances weren’t the cause of his drug addiction disease. Andrew was naturally curious about drugs and was hooked on pain killers in high school. After several attempts in treatment, Andrew went on to sober living and found his purpose in helping other addicts get into treatment. 

I Couldn’t Stay Sober in Jail

As a young man, Ian's desire to have control started with his teammates on the baseball field. He found out the hard way when drugs took over his decision making: his problem was within. Striking out with his own life was enough for him to find sobriety.

How Depression Led Me to Addiction

Sam found herself bouncing around to different families. She used substances and abused alcohol to cope with her depression. Everything changed once she made a change.

I Never Knew Sobriety Could Be So Much Fun!

Brandi has recovered from meth addiction for most of her life. Once she lost her family's respect, she set out on her journey. Since graduating from a treatment facility, she's working on her career in theater production, and well on her way to a much more fulfilling life. 

A Mother’s Message to All Addicts

Experiencing a loved one suffer from addiction is not easy. Even with the pain of losing them to their addiction, there is still hope for those seeking help.

The Gospel Helped me Learn Sobriety

When Paul lost his previous wife from a brain tumor, addiction took hold of him. Gambling, alcohol, and meth consumed his life. Giving himself to Christ was his way out.

Connor’s Battle with Pills to Heroin

Connor's need to feel accepted in his youth opened him up to drug abuse. After experimenting with smoking pain pills, he quickly finds himself caught up into heroin. His near death experience puts him in a halfway house surrounded by the right people. He explored a 12 step program that gave him true value in his life. 

Sam Fights Loneliness with Heroin
Sam’s Addiction to the 3 Most Addictive Substances

Sam was drawn to heroin at a young age to help him fit in. After snorting Oxycontin for the first time, Sam realized his hunger for drug was ruining himself and his family. Because of his addiction to pills, he needed to buy heroin and meth to feed his hunger. The addiction destroyed his whole family. By 18 he had tried almost every drugs and they didn’t make him feel less alone. After considering rehab he found himself in drug rehab. After working the steps in his recovery, he was able to find freedom and forgiveness. At 20 he’s two years sober and feeling better than ever. 

I’m Turning Myself in to Prison Tomorrow

Sam quickly found himself headed down a path of stealing, drinking and abusing drugs in his early teens. He used alcohol and marijuana as an outlet in his life. Sure enough his addiction had him exploring ecstasy, cocaine, and later heroin. Sam knew he needed help when he realized he was addicted to the 3 most addictive substances in the world. Through dedication and drug rehab, Sam is an outstanding person who is grateful for the life he lives in recovery.

Finding Self Worth at 8 Years Sober

Listen to a true story of addiction, loss, loneliness and recovery.

I Started Drinking at Ten Years Old

From an early age, Luke noticed that fitting in with others was hard. He just couldn’t connect with others, and he didn’t understand why. He just knew that was the way it always was. Friendships were difficult. Emotionally, Luke could not find that common ground.

I was Introduced to Heroin in Prison

As a child, Dave made friends easily but was going through a lot of abuse at home. His family struggled financially because his father suffered from drug addiction. At seven years old, Dave started drinking beer and smoking marijuana for the first time. At nine, his dad’s girlfriend’s sister gave him Xanax to make him fall asleep. This allowed the adults to enjoy partying because he was out cold.

I Neglected My Loving Family

Paul was raised as a Mormon in Mesa, Arizona. He was not raised around drugs or alcohol because it was against their religion. He was raised with everything any kid could ever want. He started to be molested at a very early age. This caused him to always question his sexuality. As a teenager, Paul enjoyed skateboarding and partying.

Jasmine’s Battle With Heroin

Jasmine was heading in the wrong direction early in her youth. Being an overachiever, she thought she could do alcohol and cocaine because she was convinced she could pull it off. When her life began to spiral out of control her mother stepped in, but Jasmine found a Rehab Romance. As they fell in love, they both fell in love with heroin. After much strife and an intervention from her family and friends, she finally found the path to her recovery. 

Levi’s Battle with Cocaine & Alcohol Addiction

Levi began to drink alcohol at an early age in order to feel like he fit in. Struggling to cope with how he felt, he used alcohol and cocaine. Before he knew it, he was experimenting with Adderall and cocaine causing his drug addiction to spiral out of control. After loosing the ones he cared about the most, he began to look for a better way of life than being wasted. His parents encouraged him to get into rehab to save his life with a powerful intervention.

Katie’s Battle with Xanax and Alcohol

At the age of 12, Katie explored alcohol and began to make friends with the wrong crowd. When she got a hold of Xanax and alcohol, she began to black out when she mixed the two. Having the strength to ask her family for help gave her the chance for a better life than just pills and booze. Katie got into a treatment facility named A Better Today Recovery Services with the help of her parents. There she learned things about herself and began to work a program that guided her to a happy life in recovery. 

I Smuggled Drugs as a Teen

Hear Chrises story of addiction, pain, drug running, turning over a new leaf and recovery.

Miles Overcomes Heroin

Miles struggle with his identity caused him to experiment with drugs. To cope with his problems he started to take pills to numb himself. He started using drugs regularly to help fill the void. His heroin and cocaine addiction hurt the ones he loved, causing him to dive deeper into drugs like meth. Finding drug rehabilitation helped him find himself. He could relate to other and focus on health from years of abuse.

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