Recover Coin Demo App

We offer a token that friends, family, rehab facilities and mental health professionals can purchase and give regularly to substance addiction patients in recovery. Our blockchain software/ app will record recovery milestones e.g. attendance at AA/NA meetings, outpatient counseling, calls with one’s sponsor and release Recover Coins that can be exchanged for gift certificates.

Nudge and Reward

  • Consistent with a theory espoused by a recent Nobel Prize Winner in Economics, nudging can influence behavioral outcomes. 
  • The Recover Coin App will record milestone events in a patient’s post rehab recovery e.g. talking with one’s sponsor regularly.
  • Friends/ family, rehab facilities, health care professionals will purchase Recover Coins, to be sent to patients in recovery who have met predetermined milestones.

Recovery Problem: Poor Continuity of Care

  • Substance abuse is a chronic disease, with relapse rates in the 40-60% range, consistent with recurrence rates of other chronic diseases (Source:, JAMA). Many patients go to rehab multiple times.
  • Typically, rehab centers lose track of patients once they leave the facility. There is little long term coordination post inpatient treatment e.g. outpatient rehab, group therapy, sober living, AA/ NA meetings, regular contact with sponsor.
  • Insurance companies lack data on continuity of care. Reimbursement policies/ determination of care coverage are often based on nebulous, qualitative assessments with little tracking post inpatient rehab. Industry is shifting from fee for service to fee for outcomes

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